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Sewer Scope

What is a sewer scope?

A sewer scope is an examination of your sewer line, from start to its termination at the city line.

Did You Know?

A long journey

Your sewer line can run as long as 150 feet to the main city line from your house. Most of this length is hidden underground

Common Issues

Along the length of the line, problems can develop. Common issues are clogs, bellies, and breaks.

Hidden Causes

Tree roots can grow into the line as the trees search for water. This is a cause for many sewer line issues.

How a sewer scope can help you


Find Problems

A scope can help you find any clogs, bellies, tree roots, debris, or other problems.


Reduce Stress

By getting a sewer scope while your home is inspected, you can fix any problems before you close.


Save Money

A sewer scope can potentially save you thousands!

Average Cost of Sewer Line Replacement in 2022

$4 k

Cost to replace 10 ft of line in fair condition

$30-40 k

Cost if line is under concrete or asphalt

$25 k

Cost to replace an entire line under fair condition

Know Before You Buy

We partner with local plumbers to provide a quality scope. Schedule your test online or give us a call.